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COVID Response

Protecting & supporting through unprecedented times

We have focused οn the triptych of our people, our consumers and our community to tackle the challenging and fluctuating circumstances. We have been working hard to protect our employees, serve and satisfy our consumers and of course support our communities.

EUREKA Our Employees

Taking care of our people has been a core priority.

Health and safety measures have been in action from day 1 protecting those at work, and empowering others to work from home. We want our people to stay healthy, stay safe and stay strong, supporting them through any challenges they may be facing.

Our Employees

EUREKA Our Consumers

Here at Eureka our purpose is to serve our consumers, now more than ever.

Many of our products play a key role in helping prevent the spread of COVID 19 through their cleaning and disinfecting properties. Our team throughout the entire Group has been working persistently hard to ensure existing products are available on the shelf for everyone as well as developing brand new products to cater to the consumer’s heightened need for Hygiene & Disinfection. Our brands are here to do what they do best; take care of homes, healthcare facilities, and businesses, keeping them clean and keeping them safe.

Our Consumers

EUREKA Our Communities

We need to stay strong together.

We have donated hundreds of thousands of euros in financial support and product donations to families, local organisations and foundations, supporting the important work they do and helping them provide essentials to our fellow men, women and children. Our 62 year history is filled with stories of support in our communities, and we feel proud to stand by their side once more in such a difficult time.

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