EUREKA, the No 1 brand in wash additives that has for so many years been synonymous with whites and the cleanliness of clothes, has started its collaboration with Elena Christopoulou, the renowned manager in the field of fashion. The collaboration regards the innovative, new generation wash additives EUREKA QUICK WHITE and EUREKA QUICK COLOR, ideal even for the short washing cycle.

In Elena Christopoulou, who combines elegance with expertise in guiding young women in their appearance, we saw the ideal ambassador who will inspire the value of perfect whites and brilliantly clean clothes to the young audience, through the new proposals of EUREKA. We believe that, just as cosmetics are an ally of beauty, so the new line of wash additives EUREKA QUICK are an “accessory” for the radiant appearance of every woman, who does not have enough time for everything she needs to do but is more exposed than ever. And we could not think of a more representative ambassador than Elena Christopoulou thanks to her unique style and influence.

The beloved fashion manager has a unique way of saying things truthfully and clearly, and advising you so that you are always in fashion and standing out. So, in the new EUREKA campaign, Elena shares with us her love for the absolute non-compromised white, while she also advises us on how to keep our colored garments stunningly clean without stains, even in the short washing cycle, through the easy use of the new EUREKA QUICK WHITE and EUREKA QUICK COLOR, in every wash.

“I am a huge fan of white. As long as it is the” right “white. I know very well how a dull white makes a negative impression in a casting. That’s why I tell young people that just as you care about your white smile, so should you care about wearing a clean, bright white outfit.For me, EUREKA has been my secret for many years in terms of brilliant white outfits and clean vibrant colors without stains.I am glad that with the two new products, EUREKA “QUICK WHITE and EUREKA QUICK COLOR, ideal for short washing cycles, I will be able to share my secret with all of you, who do not have enough time but you do take care of your appearance”, said Elena Christopoulou.

The campaign “No washing without Eureka” with Elena Christopoulou is already on the “air” and runs on television, social media, PR and other promotional activities.


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