November 2020

Social Responsibility EUREKA

Our Priority is our people and our fellow human beings.

Worth over €100,000 were the actions of the Greek company «Eureka» in 2020, in the context of its Social Responsibility. In this critical period our country is going through, due to the coronavirus pandemic, «Eureka» made financial donations and product donations to institutions and organizations that support vulnerable social groups. At the same time , «Eureka» recently undertook the expenses for the purchase of necessary equipment in the new COVID-19 treatment units of the General Hospital of Volos.
«We hope that our social actions, through the cash donations and the donations of hygiene products we design and produce in Greece, will help to reduce the viral load that is responsible for the continuation of the Covid 19 pandemic», says a company executive.
Eureka’s contribution through donations in 2020 concern:
– Flood victims of Karditsa and Farsala in collaboration with the Regional Unit of Karditsa.
– Earthquake victims of Samos in collaboration with the municipality of Eastern & Western Samos.
– «The Smile of the Child» foundation.
– The General Hospital of Volos – Achillopouleio.
– Social groceries of the Municipality of Athens, Volos & Thessaloniki.
– Nursing Homes of Athens & Volos.
– Accommodation organisations for disabled children and adults as well as orphans or abandoned children, in the area of Volos.

Simultaneously, «Eureka» continues to prioritize the support of its own people, so for 2020 it increased the salaries of all its employees by 3%. This move aims to recognize their contribution in a demanding year, since with their dedication, they have ensured the uninterrupted and adequate supply of products to the market.

The name of our company, «Eureka» stems from our established philosophy of finding ways guided by innovation and social sensitivity. We focus our efforts, and will keep doing so daily, in the face of any challenge to be part of the solution», adds the company representative.

«Eureka», with 60 years’ experience in the design, production and distribution of home care and hygiene products, carries in its portfolio important brands in the Greek and international market, such as the well-known brands EUREKA, AROXOL, TOPINE, FLUP, FRESH AIR etc. These are produced in the modern and technologically advanced factory of the company in the Industrial Area of Volos.


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