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It exterminates cockroaches in the nest.
Kills cockroaches with a drop of gel.

Aroxol Gel Pro

The new Aroxol Gel Pro has an original and innovative gel composition that attracts and eliminates cockroaches once and for all. It is odorless and, thanks to its special syringe, it is easy to use, even in the most hard-to-reach places. The product is applied by placing small drop of gel in cracks and other places in the areas where cockroaches are found. The cockroaches are attracted to the gel, which they think is food, consume the insecticide, carry it to the nest and then infect the colony. This is a highly effective product: just 1 drop can kill up to 50 cockroaches.

Packaging: 1 syringe of 10g (up to 250 drops of gel)