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Βlocks color transfer, absorbs fast colors and residues of dirt & protects washing machine from water salts!

Eureka Color Block + Αnti-kalk

Τhe new Eureka Color Block + Anti-kalk is an innovative product! The Eureka Color Block + Anti-kalk sheets, thanks to their high density weaving and the special elements with which their fibers are infused, ensure fast absorption of colors and residues of dirt which are released during wash, offering high protection for garments. In addition, thanks to the Anti-kalk action which is included in the sheet, it protects the vital parts of the washing machine (heating element, drum and pipes) from waters salts! With Eureka Color Block + Anti-kalk sheet in every wash, the colored garments remain as brand-new with their colors vivid and bright, even after many washes, while additionally your washing machine is protected from the damages caused by water salts!

Packaging: box of 15 sheets (10+5 free)