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100% cotton, 100% biodegradable composition, 100% recyclable packaging

Septona Ecolife

The Ecolife Range is based on Organic cotton which is grown without pesticides that are used in the processing of conventional cotton. Packagings are 100% recyclable and after their use products do not burden municipal waste, as due to their biodegradable composition, they are decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and biomass in landfills.

• Ecolife Baby Wipes: 100% Cotton – Dermatologically tested, 0% allergens, alcohol, soap
• Ecolife Earbuds: 100% Organic Cotton – Microbiologically tested
• Ecolife Round double face cotton pads: 100% Organic Cotton – Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically tested
• Ecolife Cotton Wool Pleat: 100% Organic Cotton – Microbiologically tested