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Our History

A heritage of clean homes

For over 60 years, Eureka has been a trusted ally in taking care of your homes. From 1959 until today, we have been passionate about bringing innovative products to our consumers, to improve & simplify their daily routine.

The famous historic exclamation

“Eureka – Eureka” Archimedes triumphantly uttered when he discovered the famous Principle of Buoyancy. The visionary entrepreneur Xanthos Sarris resonates & adopts these famous words in 1959 creating the Eureka company in Cyprus.

60+ years later, Eureka has evolved to become the successful Eureka Group of Companies, a robust, dynamic and flexible company with a multinational profile. Operating in Greece, Cyprus & Romania, Eureka possesses an array of leader brands in its portfolio giving it a powerful and resilient market presence in each country.

Our History
Eureka Ltd (Cyprus)
Founded in 1959
Eureka Hellas S.A (Greece)
Founded in 1960
Interstar Chim S.A (Romania)
Acquired in 2005

Key milestones


The Beginning

Eureka Company is founded by Xanthos Sarris in Famagusta. The first Eureka product is a truly innovative product for its time. "Eureka superbleach" production starts in a small manufacturing facility of a single room.

The Next Steps

Eureka’s first chemical plant is built in Famagusta and simultaneously, Xanthos Sarris establishes a second company in Greece named Eureka Hellas, starting from a small rented factory in Athens.

The First Brands

A variety of products are produced and imported into Cyprus, building brands which prosper until today. EUREKA dishwashing liquid - AROXOL insecticide - DOR shampoo - MON AMI jellies and caramel - FAMOZO cleaning agent for windows - TIK TAK for the toilet.
1971 -1974

The Expansion

The SAFEWAY FOODS food plant is built and begins operation. CREMOLINA, its first product, is the first soft margarine produced in Cyprus, earning a 30% market share. Additional food products follow its success such as FAVORO cooking oil.

The Tragic Year for Cyprus

A tragic milestone in the history of the Group is the complete destruction of the Cypriot company due to the Turkish invasion. Both the chemical and food factories are forcefully abandoned because of the occupation of Famagusta.

The Quick Response

Xanthos Sarris immediately takes action in Limassol supporting the refugee employees. After just one month, a small manufacturing unit starts operating under difficult conditions, whilst the building of a factory proceeds. The immediate response and recovery of its operations allows Eureka to stay close to its consumers, retaining the value of its brands.

Rising Above & Beyond

The company's own factory for chemical products begins its operation in Volos. New brands are launched such as ROKLIN all-purpose cleaner and new territories are reached as exporting activity begins. The first stop is the Arab countries, followed by central and eastern Europe.

The End of a Chapter

The great visionary Xanthos Sarris passes away at the age of 59. His eldest son, Nicos Sarris takes the reigns as CEO of the Greek company. Christodoulos Neophytou, who played a key role in identifying the potential of bleach products in 1959, remains the Managing Director of the Cypriot company.

Going Strong

Significant operational investments take place and new brands are launched: • FIORO (1992) - aromatic toilet cleaner in liquid form. • AROXOL Mec (1994) - insecticide liquid for crawling insects in trigger form brings an innovation in the insecticides market. • EUREKA EXTRA POWER (1996) - powder detergent for washing machines.

New Opportunities

A collaboration with the French company Compo brings the distribution of ALGOFLASH household plant fertilizers into Eureka’s portfolio. The brand is a pioneer creating a new category in supermarkets and enjoying the No. 1 position.

Expanding Horizons

Eureka Hellas S.A. acquires the international brand CHIRTON in air fresheners. This enhances the productivity of the Volos plant, and facilitates export growth in Russia and many European countries. The Eureka brand portfolio grows dynamically with EUREKA MASSALIAS liquid and powder detergents and EUREKA BLACK CARE detergent for dark clothes.

Taking Chances

Eureka Ltd acquires a new growing company in Romania called INTERSTAR Chim S.A.,that also owns a small company in Ukraine. This acquisition transforms the profile of the Group to one of a multinational and is a strong catalyst to the growth of the Eureka Group.

Cyprus Evolves

Eureka Ltd (Cyprus) evolves to a company providing third party services (distributions), entering into new categories with brands such as SEPTONA cotton products, CASTANIA Lebanese nuts, ARTEMIS oil and vinegar, and many others.

Middle-Age Feels Great

50 years after the founding of its first company, the Group finds itself as a successful business in four countries; Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Ukraine, with two modern factories in Volos and Bucharest, with leading brands in its portfolio and exports to more than twenty international markets.
2015 -Today

Onwards & Upwards

Eureka Group invests in the triptych of people, quality and trust. Eureka aims to expand its dynamic presence in the Greek, Cypriot and Romanian markets with its leading brands and new innovations. Simultaneously it seeks to strengthen its exports internationally and grow its Private Label business.