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Our talented leadership team nurtures our purpose, provides our strategic direction and facilitates the execution of our objectives. As a whole, the team aims to innovate and expand our brands & product portfolio, excel in our field, respect our stakeholders and of course serve our consumers.

EUREKA Chairman's Message

The Eureka Group has been serving consumers in Cyprus and Greece for over 60 years creating a bond that has withstood the test of time.
We constantly seek to improve our offering, enrich our product portfolio and develop new innovations to simplify and improve our consumer’s lives.

We are proud how our acquisition of Interstar Romania in 2005 has been incredibly fruitful. Using insights and experience gained from Greece and Cyprus, we have tripled Interstar’s sales which now account for more than 40% of the Group’s sales.

Our brands, trusted by our customers and our consumers for so many years, are the foundation of our company and the pillars for our future. Our win-win principle stands for high quality products at affordable prices.



Chairman's Message

Exports have been part of our strategy for many years and their contribution to the Group’s stability is invaluable.

Contract manufacturing has played a key role. It has enabled us to grow our relationships with major Supermarket clients in Greece and Romania through our Private label services, and allowed us to build important Business to Business relationships with companies seeking a producer for their own label.

We treat our partners and clients with professionalism and consistency, offering the right prices and providing stability in quality. We are confident that the above activities, supported and guided by our philosophy and values, will allow the Group to continue growing through these challenging times. We aim to maintain a healthy company with a bright future, focusing on our partners, our employees, our consumers and our community.


Nicos Sarris
Chief Executive Officer

Our Leadership

Top Management

Eureka Group is managed by members of the founding family of Xanthos Sarris,
together with a team of skilled Managers in each local country.

Eureka Group Headquarters

Nicos Sarris

CEO & President of the Board

Elena Sarri Varnava

Executive Director of Marketing and R&D

Alkis Sarris

Executive Director of Purchasing

Demetris Demetriou

Group Financial Manager

Eureka Ltd - Cyprus

Jason Chr. Neophytou

General Manager

Maria Dichorou

Financial Manager

Nadia Gallou Kizi

Marketing Manager

Pavlos Pavlou

Sales Manager

Eureka Hellas S.A – Greece

Aristomenis Konistis

Factory & Quality Assurance Manager

Alexander Wendel

Group Export & Private Label Manager

Costas Kourkoumpas

Financial Manager

Dimitris Papapanagos

Marketing Manager

Kostas Tentas

Group R&D Manager

Thalia Chalkia

Business Development & Sales Manager

Interstar Chim S.A – Romania