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Our Philosophy & Purpose

Purpose Philosophy People

Our purpose is to make everyday life cleaner
& simpler for you and your family.

Our mission is to provide quality products which simplify and improve the daily lives of our consumers and their families. Through innovation and constant care we seek to ensure that each product carrying the Eureka signature supports our commitment in providing quality products at affordable prices, making positive impact on the lives of our consumers.

Looking after homes & families for more than 60 years.

We are a family company with a local presence in Greece, Cyprus & Romania, selling fast-moving consumer goods in categories such as Laundry & Homecare, Hygiene & Disinfection and Insect control. We have a plethora of trusted brands, and the majority have a long history of leadership positions as No1 & No2 players in their categories, all the way through to today.

We believe in taking care of the little moments, and in caring for those who buy our products. We do not believe in a dry commercial relationship, thus our primary goal is the continuous satisfaction of our consumer, aiming to make their every day a little better.

EUREKA Our Philosophy & Values

We believe in integrity, honesty, and respect.

These core values define how we do business. They stem from the ‘Beliefs’ of the company, written in 1967 by the founder Xanthos Sarris and are the foundation of our people-centric philosophy.

The trust of our consumers is the result of an open, honest relationship from our company towards them, and in the certainty that they are selecting quality products which respect their income.

Consumer loyalty will always be the strongest motivation for Eureka, demonstrating that even in tough seasons, respect for people, remains our greatest value.

Our Philosophy & Values

EUREKA We believe …

  • We believe in change, which makes us innovative and proactive to meet our consumers’ needs.
  • We believe in entrepreneurship, which makes us daring, active and persevering.
  • We believe in progress, which makes us ambitious and prompts us to learn quickly from success stories and failures.
  • We believe in people, which makes us honest and loyal to our employees, consumers and business partners.
We believe …

EUREKA Serving Society

From 1959 until today, the philosophy of the Eureka Group is focused on our consumers and the enhancement of their quality of life.

Our business objectives are deeply connected with a responsibility towards our people, our consumers, our stakeholders and the evolution of the modern lifestyle.

We hold a strong stance in helping our local communities, respecting our planet’s future and being a responsible citizen.

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Serving Society

EUREKA Our People

We consider our employees fundamental to our growth, the driving force of our business and the determining factor of our success.

Embracing this philosophy, Eureka Group applies policies and programmes that aim to challenge, develop and reward our employees, whilst at the same time cultivating the family culture that differentiates us from other workplaces.

  • We care for the systematic upgrading of our employee’s skills & knowledge, offering training and education programs for our staff.
  • We offer each member the opportunity to develop and progress within the company.
  • We believe in open communication, and encourage teamwork and
    mutual cooperation.
  • We support initiatives and foster creativity and innovation.
  • We aim for a safe and pleasant working environment respecting and supporting our employees.
Our Philosophy & Purpose
Today, the Group employs 449 employees, from which 166 work in Greece, 71 in Cyprus and 212 in Romania.
Our Philosophy & Purpose
The employees feel part of a large family (business) that supports their work, rewards their efforts and recognizes their contribution towards success.
Our Philosophy & Purpose
Therefore, it is not surprising that our employees stay with us on average for 16 years.