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Social Responsibility

We hold a strong stance in helping our local communities, respecting all people, our environment, and our planet’s future.

Our business objectives are deeply connected with a responsibility towards our people, our consumers, and all our stakeholders at large. As a responsible citizen who cares for our society’s welfare, we are closely connected with the local communities we operate in.

All we do, through our business, our people and our brands, is guided by our Philosophy and our Values.

our philosophy

EUREKA Social Contribution

At Eureka, we are a family. Since 1959, the values of respect, appreciation and support to people, our society, and the environment have always been and still are integral elements of the company’s philosophy. Every developmental goal of Eureka is always inextricably linked to the responsibility towards people and our communities.

We support a multitude of non-profit organisations and foundations through sponsorships, financial support, and product donations. We support scientific research and assist local entities with projects of environmental impact and sustainable development.

EUREKA Sustainability & Environment

We constantly evolve to reduce our carbon footprint, protect our oceans and wildlife from plastic, and minimize the impact of our operations on the environment so that future generations can experience the planet we love.

Our Operations

With a heightened sense of ecological awareness, our primarily goal is minimizing the environmental impact caused by our factories’ operation. To do so, we implement advanced environmental management practices and methods, adopting advanced technologies during production and in all our other activities.

In our EUREKA HELLAS S.A facilities in Volos, an Environmental Management System is applied according to the ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015, thus keeping all our environmental indices lower than the limits set by the legislation.

Sustainability & Environment

EUREKA The environmental issues we currently manage include:

  • Management of dust emissions from the products processing
  • Energy and water management
  • Solid and liquid waste management
  • Materials recycling
  • Disposal of materials

We have also established the maintenance of an Environmental Affairs Record in which our performance in environmental issues is recorded, monitored and analyzed in order for us to take preventive and corrective measures.

The environmental issues we currently manage include:

EUREKA Our Recycling Attitude

Beyond promoting and encouraging recycling in our communities, we work preventively and constantly reduce the use or amount of plastic in our product packaging for a more sustainable future.

Eureka Group is one of the founding parties of the Green-Dot Cyprus. We are also a member of the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HE.R.R.Co S.A.), being active in Packaging Management and Packaging Waste Recovery.

Our actions are certified by the presence of Green Dot symbols on the majority of our product packaging, and strengthened by the systematic awareness and mobilization of both our consumers and employees towards increasing their recovery and recycling rate.

Our Recycling Attitude