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Ethics, Policies & Certifications

Respect is a core value for us.

We believe in respecting our employees, our consumers, our competitors and our environment. Consequently we commit to high ethical standards through our product quality, our policies and our certifications.

Proud Member of SEDEX

Our membership as Eureka Hellas S.A in the global organisation Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) demonstrates the great importance the company attaches in respecting employees, being fully compliant with Health & Safety regulations, and in catering for Environmental protection.

At Eureka, we place high value on business ethics and in providing equal rights for all employees.


Customers & Competitors

Our devotion to quality is rooted in our respect for the consumer.
We persistently research and adapt to serve and satisfy our customers.
We continuously invest to ensure quality throughout the entire production process and have attained several certifications.

Our Philosophy & Values guide us in respecting competitors. It is unacceptable of our company culture to operate under unfair competition or unlawful practices.

our Philosophy & Purpose