March 2022

EUREKA Group aids the refugees of Ukraine

With sense of responsibility and awareness of the magnitude of the refugee crisis in Ukraine and the basic needs of its victims, EUREKA Group sympathizes with their agony and contributes to their relief. Specifically, in cooperation with the competent institutions and organizations, EUREKA Group offered antibacterial-disinfectant products worth € 50,000 to the citizens of Ukraine who were forced to leave their homes in order to move away from the war zones.

This offer aims to contribute to the suppression of the coronavirus pandemic, which has been degraded due to the priorities set by the war, but it is still present and afflicts our fellow human beings who do not have the necessary means to manage it effectively, due to war condition.

As a EUREKA Group representative stated, “with great emotion and with the hope that this huge humanitarian crisis will end soon, EUREKA Group wishes to contribute substantially to the collective effort of aiding the refugees. Our purpose, both in normal conditions and in emergencies, is to be as useful as possible to society. Today, in the light of the war, this is becoming an imperative for us”.

EUREKA carries products of important brands in both Greek and international market, such as the homonymous brand Eureka, AROXOL, TOPINE, FLUP, FRESH AIR etc., which are produced in the modern, technologically advanced factory of the company, in the Industrial Area of Volos.

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