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Liquid insect repellent.
Repells mosquitoes and midges.

Aroxol Liquid 60 nights

Aroxol Liquid is an odorless insect repellent against mosquitoes (and Tiger mosquitoes) and midges, for indoor and outdoor use. The vapors released during the heating of the wick, repel the insects and prevent them from re-entering the room, even with the lights turned on. Even the ones remaining in the room are sedated and do not bite. The liquid is used within a specific electrical appliance, such as the M289FLY. One bottle is enough for a 40m³ and lasts for approximately 60 nights (when used for 8-10 hours every night). The device with switch and light indicator can also be used with Aroxol Mat tablets.

Packaging: box set refill with electric appliance