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Insect repellent tablets.
Repells mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes tiger with 0% allergens & 0% perfume.

Aroxol Pure & Strong Mat

The new Aroxol Pure & Strong mats have insecticidal action against mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes with 0% allergens & 0% perfume. Suitable for indoor use during all seasons. One mat is sufficient for 30m³ room and lasts for up to 8 hours.
Aroxol Pure & Strong mats can be used with the blue electrodiffuser Aroxol M289FLY of Aroxol Pure & Strong liquid (after removing the liquid) or with the white electrodiffuser Aroxol M289FLY of normal Aroxol Liquid (after removing the liquid).

Packaging: box of 60 tablets (30+30 free)