«Defend the child,

because if the child survives, then there’s hope.. »

…say the lyrics of the well-known song. Eureka puts them into practice right from the very beginning of 2021 with its participation in two actions dedicated to children for ‘Make a Wish’ Greece and the ‘Smile of the Child’  foundation.

The supporting actions for ‘Smile of the Child’  foundation, come through Eureka’s participation in the Lottery organized by Smile of the Child  «for more children’s smiles, and brighter ones» in the context of completing 25 years of service, with the aim of covering the expenses of operating one of the safe ‘Homes’ for children for one year.

In addition, Eureka is participating in the effort to fulfill children’s wishes  and will stand by the side of Make a Wish foundation in Greece trying to contribute to the fulfillment of children’s wishes through experiences and actions of encouragement that will offer Strength, Joy and Hope to children struggling for their lives. Through this support, Eureka has received a support symbol of the organization with the message “Family Member – I am Great … ful!” which will be a symbol of the realization of a child’s wish.


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